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Brown Bears community - own products with a moving history.

You've already got to know us so much that we can't pass by those who need support and at the same time give a lot of themselves. Looking for natural local products for our POMELO Bistro Bar, because only such products are used to build our menu card, we came across an amazing place, full of empathy, support and kindness. Here we are talking about the settlement near Kościerzyna called Brown Bears. Settlement Brown Bears is a house that gives shelter, warmth and support to those in need people.

The inhabitants of this settlement are supposed to feel safe here when they lose their loved ones. They should continue to feel that they are someone important and extraordinary and that they are not left on their own. The Brown Bears (inhabitants) of this settlement are mainly people with disabilities. Every day they do not give up, learn new responsibilities and face challenges. It is nature that sets their rhythm.

In 1992, near Kościerzyna, on a farm in Nowe Klincz, the first settlers of this community appeared. They were called Brown Bears with Bears. They built the first family house where the needy could stay. Today, the farm has an area of nearly 40 hectares. They raise two breeds of cows, horses, donkeys, pigs, llamas, sheep, chickens and bees. They cultivate a vegetable garden, an orchard and even started their own vineyard. All this prompted the inhabitants of this settlement to share their own products. Interest in their products exceeded expectations.

For our part, we also share the goods that have been produced by them every day. We respect and support their work. We make every effort to support such worthy causes and organizations. Thus, we have introduced a cheese board to our menu, which will emphasize the nature of our excellent, local products, and will certainly surprise with its unique taste.

If you are curious about other flavors from settlement Brown Bears, we invite you to the store with their own products. Here you can buy vegetable and fruit preserves, honey from your own apiary, eggs from your own farm, delicious cheeses, butter, cold meats, half-goose, bread and even wine from grapes from your own vineyard. You can buy all these natural products on the community website, supporting their work and good heart:

We invite you on behalf of Brown Bears and Bears,

Pomelo Team.

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