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The best restaurant in Gdańsk? What features do you pay attention to?

Did you know that the taste of a dish is the last factor on which we make a choice? But what rank does it have in your choice? The most important! However, to get to this point, there are many points along the way that influence our choice. It is proven that when you enter a restaurant, before you taste any flavor, you have to go through several stages, namely::

  • opinion,

  • atmosphere, e.g. decorations, music, its volume,

  • smell, e.g. mild, fresh, too intense smells from the kitchen or from artificial carriers,

  • welcome by the staff and directing to the right place,

  • level of service - involvement in the conversation, reliable adjustment of drinks and dishes to expectations,

  • current information on the time of serving meals and drinks,

  • visualization of food or drinks - appropriate decorations (preferably edible), selection of appropriate porcelain or glass,

  • the smell of the food,

  • and then TASTE!

Notice how long and unconscious road awaits each of us before we sit down in our favorite restaurant and taste food and drinks. Have you ever paid attention to it? Do you realize how important each of the factors mentioned above is?

Nowadays, it is very difficult to maintain the quality of all requirements, because some of them are beyond our control. There are often artificially created positive opinions to boost your visibility as well as bad ones to eliminate tough players. We always recommend checking out such a place and taking a risk. If you are afraid of this, check several websites, do not rely on only one or look for opinions from a reliable source, i.e. people who have actually visited this place.

We, on the other hand, can guarantee that our opinions are credible and appear only from real sources. There are good ones that tickle our ego, but there are also bad ones that tell us what else we can change for you. However, all the happiness comes to us every day a lot of beautiful words, for which we are very grateful and thank you. The most frequently appearing opinions concern the quality of food and drinks. Our breakfasts won the highest name and distinction. They have been recognized and awarded by Moje Styl as the best breakfasts in Gdańsk. It was a great praise for us and emphasized the quality of our services. Incredible joy and pride to be among the best. However, we know that each of us has conscientiously earned it.

We will not write about obvious factors such as decorations, music, smell, taste, etc. It is clear that each of us has different expectations and different tastes, and the nature of the restaurant will not suit everyone. But we can write about the opinions of our guests who consider us the best!

As we are on the subject of food, as a reminder - our breakfasts are served daily from 8:00-13:00. You will find here all flavors and should suit many tastes, e.g. sweet breakfasts rarely served in Gdańsk, savory traditional breakfasts as well as newly discovered flavors, vegan breakfasts, vegetarian breakfasts, and above all, everything served with freshly baked bread. In addition, it is said that the best is cappuccino with soy milk or other warm drinks, which were also honored as the best in all of Gdańsk. Did you know that?

Evenings at POMELO BISTRO BAR are of course also special! Here we can once again melt about the quality of our dishes. Sophisticated local products, carefully selected according to tradition, and all this with the best BINGO. the best? Of course!! Simple rules, great atmosphere, and above all, a great escape from everyday life and the opportunity to meet friends. Cocktail menu, Craft beers as well as a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. What more could you want?

Can we earn the title of the best restaurant in Gdańsk? Judge us for yourself 😉


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