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Rules at the table! Savoir-vivre in the restaurant.

The comfort of staying in public places is an important factor when choosing a restaurant, pub, bar where we then feel relaxed. However, too much emancipation of free behavior can lead to bad reception and discomfort of the environment. What we allow ourselves at home is not always accepted outside.

So how to meet the requirements of Savoir-vivre at the table that will not interfere

and introduce uncomfortable sensations to other guests in the restaurant?

The first step before we come to a restaurant in good taste is to reserve a seat. Not only does this guarantee us a place at the table, but there are also benefits for the other party. The restaurateur can provide the right amount of goods as and secure an adequate number of personnel. In addition, I will not mention the most important aspect that production planning reduces losses. As a result, we do not throw food away, we do not waste it, and above all we guarantee freshness. In these times, where the awareness of going to self-destruction has finally grown, only such messages have the ability to reach our organ responsible for thinking.

Now what to wear? In some countries, the rules of appropriate dress are more clearly outlined, not to mention personal hygiene, but this article is not about that ;) It is worth checking the applicable dress code before going out. Believe that even

outerwear should be worn in the beach restaurant. While you may have the most beautiful body in the world, it is tactless to sit at a table in only a bathing suit or in a hotel restaurant in a bathrobe. We are certainly glad that you feel so comfortable, but not too much. Let's respect other guests.

Once we've dared to make a phone call and book a table, punctuality is another mark of our culture. Of course, there are various situations in life and if we receive earlier information about your lateness, it is not a problem for us, but do not feel sorry for us if you are late, dear Guest, and there are others sitting at your table. Fortunately, such situations do not happen very often, so after entering the restaurant, it is worth waiting for the staff who will indicate the place of reservation or a table appropriately matched to the number of guests.

When sitting at the table, it is worth turning off the phone and putting it in a suitable place that will not disturb during the service. Noisy ringtones, communicators, watching reels can negatively affect the comfort of those around you. If a very important phone call rings, it is good manners to leave the restaurant and not to disturb others. The same applies to conversation at the table. Avoid shouting, gesticulation and loud conversations.... especially with your mouth full ;).

Many people worry about what to do with cutlery when the meal is over or how to put them away while eating. This is an important sign for the staff who know what stage you are at when eating a meal. Thanks to this, the service does not interrupt the conversation, which gives you the freedom to feel at the restaurant. A few hints:

  • Cutlery placed on the plate separately at an angle (the heads do not touch each other) - pause, you take a break to finish your meal.

  • A finished meal has many markings, i.e. cutlery arranged in a cross on a plate, cutlery arranged parallel horizontally or diagonally on a plate.Be careful, because the cutlery is arranged as in point.

  • But when their heads touch, it means that you did not like the meal. That is why the first reaction of the staff is most often the question: Are you okay? Answer honestly. Of course, praise is nice, but an adult restaurateur wants to run a conscious business, where credible words are also used, not always flattering.

When you have finished your meal, ask the waiter for the bill. If you came with a group of friends, inform about splitting the bill between individual guests before ordering. This will facilitate cooperation with the service and save time for both parties. Leaving a tip is a nice gesture. 10% is accepted, but you decide how much and whether you want to leave anything at all.

Good behavior in a restaurant is not only respect for the staff, but also for the guests staying there.

Thanks for your attention!

Krzysztof Szymanski 💚

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