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Summer cocktails. Secrets of successful cocktails.

The weather outside the window does not spoil. It does not encourage walking and the use of summer gardens. However, at Pomelo Bistro Bar we have a way to do it 😉 As the ancient sayings say, the so-called. Bar weather that should be used to the full for tasting summer cocktails. Apparently, the celebration of such days drives away and scares away all dark clouds 😋

The idea for a summer cocktail is...

Summer time is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the moments spent outdoors (if the conditions allow 😄) or at the bar 🤣, and at the same time you can't miss delicious

and refreshing drinks. At Pomelo Bistro Bar, we not only care about the quality of our dishes, but also about unusual culinary experiences in the form of creative cocktails. When creating summer cocktails, it is worth remembering that in addition to excellent ingredients, presentation and serving also play a key role. At Pomelo Bistro Bar, we focus on aesthetics and uniqueness - that's why each of our cocktails is not only tasty, but looks as good as it tastes ;) 🍹 We try to make everything perfect 🥰.

In our cocktail menu you will find many flavors based on various alcohols, but in the summer we recommend cocktails based on: Gin, Rum and Tequila. Our bartenders will mix dry flavors with a light hint of citrus, e.g. orange and lime, which will give a refreshing and light summer flavor. Therefore, it is worth trying A MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT, TOM COLLINS, OLD CUBAN or the classic MARGARITA. These flavors will soothe the senses and will be remembered for a long time as a beautiful evening at Pomelo Bistro Bar.

However, if you decide to stay at home and fully relax under a blanket with good rhythms of music in the background, we suggest the following cocktail that will make these rainy days more pleasant.


Koktajl Pomelo Breeze


60 ml of vodka

30 ml of lime juice

30 ml of pineapple juice

15 ml passion fruit liqueur

15 ml of cane syrup

A few ice cubes

Pineapple and lime slices for decoration

Secret: Add a dash of cardamom to cane syrup for a subtle, spicy flavor.

Best regards

Pomelo Bistro Team 💚


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