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For Mother's Day.

Updated: May 19, 2023

What for Mother's Day? We are looking for something special, unique, something that will fallin memory, because Mother's Day is primarily to celebrate our memory and moments with such an important person for us. There is no greater value than time spent together. Often in the daily rush we forget about the values that life brings. We live in a world full of technology, hustle and bustle and constant activity, constant momentum that can distract us from what really matters - our relationships with people close to us. However, it is worth stopping for a moment and appreciating the beauty of the moments spent with the other person.

Thus, there is no better idea for a gift than a nice time with the most important person for us - Mom. At Pomelo Bistro Bar you can celebrate such moments at any time. Starting with the best breakfast on the map of the city of Gdańsk, or inviting you for a delicious lunch or ending with a unique and brilliant dinner in a climatic place in the Old Town of Gdańsk.

On this day, our Chef will surely pleasantly surprise many palates. In addition to traditional Polish flavors that can be found on a daily basis in our menu, a dessert will be a great surprise. What will we serve? Everything is still shrouded in mystery, because we like to surprise, but we will definitely prepare something straight from the heart 😉

Invite Mom for breakfast. We serve them until late, because until 13:00 😉 The delicacy of the taste will be guaranteed by our Shakshuka, which you can also order in the we

gańska or vegetarian. For lunch we recommend Braised pork cheek or spectacular delicious garlic cream soup. On the other hand, grilled plaice with saltwater and herb sauce or delicate beetroot hummus with lamb's lettuce and marinated tofu.

What will you choose? We are convinced that whatever choice you make, your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

The moments spent with another person are extremely important. Not only do they build bonds and create unforgettable memories, but they also allow us to fully enjoy the present moment and develop our relationships. Let's stop for a moment, let's appreciate this presence, and where? Only at Pomelo Bistro Bar on ul. Ogarna in Gdańsk 😉

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