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Hamburger Day! On this occasion our recipe for homemade Burger.

This weekend we will celebrate a delicious, juicy event - world hamburger day! On this occasion, you can't let go and taste our special, new butter roll filled with fantastic additions!

This Saturday and Sunday, next to the breakfast Burger, Mr. Lipski and Mr. Wąski, a new handsome representative of this group will compete for recognition, namely:


It will tempt you with its magnificence and rich interior 😉 In addition to the standard crispy hat, it will surprise you with its additions, namely: we will add fuczki, i.e. panckae from sauerkraut , we will not forget about calamar in crispy panko, and our own tartar sauce will be an extraordinary surprise. Of course, there will be other extras, such as home fries.

There is nothing to wait for, go to our website, contact us and book a table. Any occasion is great to celebrate!

Meanwhile, our Chef Marcin and Mateusz his deputy will tell you how to create a masterpiece in home conditions ;)

A few important tips - homemade ways to make a burger 😉:

1. Remember to slightly warm the bun before serving,

2. Brush the inside of the bun with butter or sauce to make it crunchy,

3. The basic ingredient should be chopped beef, but more and more often we also come across variants with poultry, pork, fish and even vegetable meat - be creative!

4. Add sauces according to your preferences, e.g. mustard, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup (the best and healthiest are those that you make yourself). We recommend rhubarb ketchup - recipe below ;),

5. A hamburger gains its taste thanks to a variety of toppings, but don't overdo it 😉, it may contain: lettuce leaf, tomato, onion or pickled cucumber.

6. A perfect complement will be fries, the best home-made, made of potato, fried in lard - believe me, it will be dope!

Prepare all the necessary ingredients to make a homemade Burger step by step. Details below:

Homemade burger with beef cheek and rhubarb ketchup (4 portions).

Shortbread x 4 pcs.

Beef cheek 1 kg

Carrot 300 g

Sugar onion 300 g.

Parsley root 150 g

Bay leaf 3 pcs.

Mustard 5 g

Wheat flour about 150 g

salt 60g

Ground black pepper 10 g

Egg 4 pcs.

Raspberry tomato 2 pcs.

Arugula leaves

Gherkin 4 pcs.

Red onion x 1 pc.

First, we will prepare the tender beef cheeks:

Clean the beef cheek from membranes and fascia, put the waste into a bowl. Peel the vegetables, chop them, put them in a pot, pour water and prepare a stock. Sprinkle the cheeks with flour and fry. After frying, pour the hot brew into the pan and boil it gently, pour the contents into the pot. This will allow us to bring out the taste of fried meat. Place the cheeks in an ovenproof dish, season with salt and pepper, add apple cider vinegar, spices, add vegetables from the broth and pour over the broth. Cover the ovenproof dish with baking paper and a lid. Convection oven set to 160'C for 2.5 h. Remove the cooked cheeks from the dish, tear with a fork, pour the sauce through a sieve into the pot and reduce by half. Then mix with the meat.

You can make rhubarb ketchup using the following ingredients:

1 kg of rhubarb

0.3 kg of red onion

1 kg Raspberry tomatoes

Garlic head

3 pcs. bay leaves

100 g of ginger

3 balls of allspice

0.3 L of red wine vinegar

Salt pepper to taste.

Wash the vegetables, peel them, cut the rhubarb into pieces of about 3 cm, onion into feathers, crush the garlic with a knife or a flat utensil. Crush the bay leaf and allspice in a mortar and mortar to a fine powder. Avoid buying ready-made spices. Rhubarb, onion, garlic put in a hot pot with a little oil or olive oil. Add garlic and red wine vinegar. When the content of the pot softens, add the tomatoes and cook everything on low heat, at the end of cooking add the spices. Blend the contents of the pot until smooth and rub through a sieve. If after wiping the ketchup is still thin, I recommend reducing it a bit (leave it on the burner longer, stirring it from time to time so that it doesn't burn). Set the finished ketchup aside to cool.

and we assemble the burger:

Grease the bun with butter and put it on a hot frying pan, keep it until a decent color. Fry a fried egg, tomato, gherkins and red onion, cut as desired. We spread the bun on both sides with our rhubarb ketchup, put arugula, a portion of meat, vegetables and a fried egg.

Finger licking! Enjoy your meal!

........ curiosity eats us, what did you get there ;) Take a peek at the secret in the posts below ;)


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