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One Pork Chop, Two Potato Cake, Three Silesian Dumplings - tradition on plates.

Welcome to the card for new delicacies from our Polish cuisine. We are inspired by tradition, local products, their naturalness and unique taste. We use only healthy, natural and unique ingredients that reflect the richness of our region and culinary history. We creatively, traditional flavors give a unique modern character, but we keep their authenticity. In addition, you must remember that in POMELO BISTRO BAR most of the dishes are lactose-free, gluten-free, and we try to make the dishes prepared with

about vegans and vegetarians.

Using the richness of Gdańsk and Kashubian cuisine, we were inspired by the flavors of goose, herring or the previously mentioned local Kashubian cheeses from the Bure Misie settlement. Thus, we suggest starting the feast with goose meat on freshly baked challah with blackberry jam, butter onion and low-salt cucumber. For connoisseurs of savory flavors, we offer Confit Patatki Hasselback or Potato Cake with Herring. confit? This is nothing more than a long-term process of cooking sweet potatoes (small potatoes) at low temperature. This process gives the potatoes a unique taste and delicacy, and the proposed additions emphasize their character. Our traditional Polish gzik cannot be missing here

with red radish, which will give a delicate spiciness to this dish.

Who of us does not remember potato cake baked in a prodiż with various additions! Do you remember its taste? We built this dish on our memories, because they are the most important. We were looking for many consistent additions and our traditional herring with sour cream won out. The combination of two traditional flavors exceeded our expectations - the taste is indescribable.

Those who prefer to start a feast with soup will not be disappointed either. Here we propose our novelty: velvet pickled cucumber cream. You can't miss additions such as sorrel, potato and vegan sour cream. The culmination of the work is crushed peanut and chives. For guests who appreciate the taste of tradition, it remainsin our Sour Soup menu card. They say it's the star in our card... and probably becausethat we have also made every effort to ensure that all ingredients are of the highest quality. Homemade sourdough, white sausage from local butchers and many other ingredients,

our sour rye soup tickles many palates.

Pork chop with bone on young cabbage with dill is a taste that we know from every home. But really, you don't know ours. Our chefs used local products that gave this dish a unique taste and aroma. We only buy meat from the butcher. We add a mix of fresh spices that give tenderness and uniqueness. In addition, meat on the bone is juicier and less and less used in everyday nutrition.

Another of our traditional dishes

from the Kashubian cuisine is the Kartacz. It's nothing more than a kind of potato dumpling stuffed with meat or fruit. We complemented our filling dish with braised beef cheeks. However, we wanted to keep this dish light and discard any unhealthy fats, so we took a risk and added a delicate but flavorful broth.from roasted vegetables.

Silesian dumplings also appeared in our menu. As the name says, they represent the region of southern Poland. It's an equally filling dish based on potatoes, but we broke the tradition again by adding bear's garlic pesto and a handful of chickpeas. Crushed nuts finish this unusual dish.

For many of you, our new proposals are your favorite dishes that remind you of tradition and celebrating moments together. For other guests, these are unknown flavors that are willingly chosen because they refer to our tradition and history. We broke their simplicity with new additions to emphasize and bring out the best from these dishes, and above all, to surprise you positively again 😉

We invite you!

Chef Marcin with Pomelo Team.

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